Homeownership is a real accomplishment for most people. Reaching this goal requires a lot of effort and attention. It also takes just as much attention and effort to maintain the home once it is purchased.  There are a few key things that homeowners want to maintain and check yearly.

It’s important to do a yearly check of your deck, porches, and steps. Rotting and structural damage is prevalent in these areas. The safety of these areas is very important so repairing any damage is vital.

Window gaps are also another important maintenance check. When conditions are cold and damp it can cause window frames to swell which creates gaps in the window. You don’t want to have to completely replace the windows so it’s important to fill the gaps as soon as they are found. The gaps can be filled with a variety of materials like frame sealant and decorators caulk.

Monitor the position of trees and check the landscaping of your home yearly. Are trees leaning in a direction toward the home? Also, check the roots of the trees are there cracks in the surrounding earth? Check trees that are hanging over your house, look for broken or loose branches because they can damage the house if they fall.

Cleaning out the garage once a year is also important. Assess what you do need and what you don’t need. It’s important to do a deep cleaning of the space, this will help you get organized. Unwanted pest and rodents might find their way into the garage. This is a great time to remove anything deemed unnecessary and unwanted.  

Performing good yearly maintenance checks on the home is vital. Make it a goal to make yearly home maintenance a priority.

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