It’s getting hot – very hot. But many people don’t think about how the heat affects their homes. What can heat do to your home? What are some things you can do to help your house along through the hot summer months?

First of all, our homes are built to withstand heat better than in times past, but that does not mean that all homes are built equally – or thoughtfully. For instance, you may have a house with vinyl siding that is rated for UV exposure, but you may also have low-e windows which reflect the sun, and are one of the biggest reasons for melted vinyl siding. So when you are building a home, adding windows, or changing things, give consideration to how parts of your home interact with each other.

Another area to consider is your attic. Most attics in the summer feel like they are 3 inches from the sun. While this is “typical”, you will want to keep it under control. Make sure your attic has good ventilation, and that your roof isn’t leaking – as it can cause mold.

And of course, there is your HVAC unit. Keeping your AC running is not only important for human comfort, but for your home as well. Hot, humid houses tend to have more warping of door frames and items like that, as well as mold and other issues. So be sure your home is ready for the heat!

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